Born at FlyingTee as THE technologies to power the first competitor to TopGolf®, FLITE now offers the only 3rd generation tracking, games and venue management technologies for 3rd parties. From 120+ bay entertainment facilities to hybrid green-grass and entertainment sites, FLITE is ready to create or upgrade the game of golf across the planet.

With over a decade in the business, and experience spanning site selection and feasibility analysis, venue design, deployment and operations, our team offers a turn-key solution for any owner, developer, or operator.

FLITE offers software, tracking and related hardware and consulting to 3rd parties seeking to bring entertainment + golf to their home markets. The FLITE platform offers everything needed to build a fully-featured entertainment venue, including FLITE games, operations, and guest management software, all of which are  plug-and-play. In partnership with inRange, FLITE offers the most cost effective and accurate golf ball tracking technology, which means the installation cost can be scaled to fit the needs of any given partner.

FLITE technologies will be featured in over a dozen locations both domestically and internationally in the coming months and is currently available for demonstration in London, Dallas and Orlando.

Our team consists of experts across key fields, including:

Games and golf software

Sensor development, integration and deployment

Facility management and operations software

Facility design and construction

Our Mission: Delight guests with activity-based, technology-driven entertainment to generate healthy financial returns for our partners.