FLITE  is the technology platform and know-how that powers FlyingTee’s entertainment and golf facility in Jenks, OK. From sensor selection to software integration and staff training, the FLITE  team is the engine that powers the entire guest experience.

The FLITE  team is excited to offer our software, hardware, intellectual property and cumulative experience to 3rd parties seeking to bring entertainment + golf to their home markets. FLITE  offers a turnkey hardware and software solution alongside consulting services to ensure our partners have the benefit of our five years in the market. All of the FLITE  games, operations and guest management software are plug-and-play. FLITE offers the latest and greatest golf ball tracking technology, which means the installation cost can be scaled to fit the needs of any given partner.

FLITE was created to accelerate the launch of “entertainment + golf” facilities domestically and abroad.

Our team consists of experts across key fields, including:

  • Games and golf software
  • Sensor development, integration and deployment
  • Facility management and operations software
  • Facility design and construction

Our Mission: Delight guests with activity-based, technology-driven entertainment to generate healthy financial returns for our partners.